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The company AAPO-SPA natural remedies was founded in 1999 by Dr Wolfgang Auer, MSc and Mag Helmut Reidlinger.

After much research and development about acidity, Dr Auer’s Basenpulver was launched on the market as the first mineral based product without Natrium. His has become the nr 1 selling product in Austria. Basenpulver is a registered trademark.
Uncompromisingly high quality in the composition and improvement of the products meet international standards.
Dr Auer has recognised the problems related to acidity and is commited to improving the product through research and development.
Over the last few years we have specialized in research and development for our natural supplements, from this has come many products such as, Arthrovital®, Coccinia D® und Exadipin®. We also have more products in development that will reach the market shortly.
We currently have many partners worldwide that make up our supply chain, we place huge value in this.
Nature and knowledge in harmony is our policy.
AAPO-SPA natural remedies is an independent family owned business.
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